Go Green! Enroll your home or business in a renewable energy plan and enjoy the same benefits as a standard product, with the added bonus of renewable energy credits (RECs) included in your price per kWh. For those interested in preserving the environment and diminishing their carbon footprint, a renewable option can help promote and expand the amount of renewable energy that flows through our power grids – and, can’t we all stand to give back a little?

Starion Energy believes in the push to increase the use of green energy – electricity generated from renewable sources. Learn more about purchasing renewable energy below, or enter your zip code above to see the renewable plan options we can offer to you!

What is a REC?

  • A Renewable Energy Credit (or renewable energy certificate) represents the property rights to the environment and non-power qualities of electricity that has been generated from a renewable-based generation source.
  • Each REC represents 1 megawatt-hour (MWh) – or 1,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity.
  • RECs enable individuals and organizations the ability to participate and support renewable energy development and green power projects, without requiring you to install a renewable generator at your location.

How do RECs work?

When grid-tied renewable-based electricity is generated, the physical power flows to the grid and mixes with electricity from other sources. The renewable generator measures the amount of power flowing, and creates one REC for every 1,000 kWh produced. When a REC is created, the physical power is separated from the rights to the renewable attributes. Buyers can then purchase the RECs and, in turn, contribute to the development and expansion of renewable generation facilities.

The REC product is what conveys the attributes and benefits of the renewable electricity, not the electricity itself.

There are two approaches to verifying REC ownership and the right to make environmental claims:

  • REC contracts and an audit of the chain of custody
  • REC tracking systems

When you select a renewable plan with Starion Energy, we will purchase RECs on your behalf, based on the amount of electricity you consume and the renewable percentage of your plan. For example:

= 10.00 RECs

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