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Five Ways to Ensure a Resilient US Energy Grid of the Future

No one can predict precisely what the electricity system will look like several decades from now, but there are a number of technical advances and regulatory changes that would facilitate a variety of developments for the electric power system.

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How to Save Energy and Money: 6 Expert Tips

We all know that there are many hidden costs to owning a home. Property maintenance can put a dent in our budget. One area that can be particularly expensive is energy use. Here are six great tips on how to save energy and potentially save money on your energy bill.1. Maintain Your HVAC SystemMake sure that you have regular maintenance on your heating and air-conditioning system. During routine maintenance, Freon levels are checked. Freon is the coolant that helps run your HVAC system and if the level is too low the system will have to run harder. This will increase your energy bill. That is what is important to make sure the Freon level is correct. The other thing you need to do is change the filters in your system. Old filters block the flow of air, which causes the system to work harder.

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Why Efficiency Must Be Central to Discussions of Energy Conservation

In more than one of our previous blogs, we’ve discussed the concept of energy efficiency and how it can fit into energy conservation efforts. To catch you up, energy efficiency is defined as using less overall energy to provide the same or better services; for individuals consumers, that would mean using all the same conveniences but getting a smaller bill from the electric company. For example, even though refrigerators sold today in the U.S. are 20% larger and 60% cheaper than their counterparts sold in 1975, they use 75% less electrical energy. For this reason, energy efficiency has been called the “fifth fuel” (the other four being coal, petroleum, nuclear power and green energy sources). Here are the two big questions:

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