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Starion Energy is Helping Those in Need During COVID-19

In these times of international crisis, many have been impacted differently. We, at Starion Energy want to do our part in ensuring others stay strong, stay safe, and stay positive. You can judge a society by how they come together during a time of crisis. This is true in the COVID-19 pandemic as organizations, corporate entities, and heroic individuals work collectively to reduce the spread and impact of the coronavirus. Starion Energy is committed to helping communities during the current pandemic and beyond, which is why we support the initiatives most important to our customers.

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Six Electrical Safety Tips for Your Home

While electricity brings comfort and convenience to your home, it’s essential to know how to use it safely. Electrical fires are responsible for untold amounts of property damage every year, not to mention the loss of life associated with these tragedies. Update

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What You Should Know About Space Heaters and Energy Savings

With a frigid winter showing no signs of abating, many Americans are probably looking for some energy savings when it comes to their heating costs. One of the easiest ways to find some savings is to have a professional energy audit that can tell you where your home is losing energy -- and what you can do to retain that money. In deregulated markets, homeowners can also consider switching their gas and electricity providers in order to get better rates. You might be surprised to know that the prices of energy aren’t necessarily fixed by generation costs; while in 1995, power generation accounted for approximately two-thirds of what electricity cost, actually generating electrical energy now accounts for less than half of electricity prices, according to the Edison Electric Institute.

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3 Claims About Renewable Energy That Don't Hold Water

Green energy solutions take criticisms on both practical and ideological fronts, and it’s important that environmental advocates be able to engage critics in discussion so that the country as a whole can hasten its development of sustainable energy practices. Here are three myths about renewable energy:

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