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Starion Energy is Helping Those in Need During COVID-19

In these times of international crisis, many have been impacted differently. We, at Starion Energy want to do our part in ensuring others stay strong, stay safe, and stay positive. You can judge a society by how they come together during a time of crisis. This is true in the COVID-19 pandemic as organizations, corporate entities, and heroic individuals work collectively to reduce the spread and impact of the coronavirus. Starion Energy is committed to helping communities during the current pandemic and beyond, which is why we support the initiatives most important to our customers.

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EXPANDING ENERGY CHOICE by American Coalition of Competitive Energy Suppliers

The most common query that brings users to the ACCES website is whether one’s state allows energy choice. The creation of new state markets is marked by years of consumer advocates, industry stakeholders, regulators, and lawmakers working to create a dynamic market while also ensuring consumer protection. It may seem like a slow process, but that isn’t for lack of interest on behalf of consumers. Ratepayers in North Carolina, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Arkansas, among other states, have found their way to to research energy choice, and these future customers are interested in how

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Answering Questions About Energy Deregulation

As the world takes major steps towards addressing climate change, the energy market is shifting greatly towards renewable resources. In 2015, hydropower accounted for about 6% of all U.S. electricity generation and 46% of electricity generation from all renewables; this number has continued to climb in recent years. What allows companies to make this shift towards sustainability? Deregulated energy states. Read on to learn more about energy deregulation and what it can mean for renewable energy.

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Start Your Spring Cleaning with These Energy Saving Tips

With Groundhog Day behind us and winter (hopefully) coming to a close soon, it's time to start looking forward to warm breezes and spring cleaning. But that also means ditching your energy-consuming winter habits! Say goodbye to your heated blankets and hello to a brighter, cleaner, energy-saving spring. Not sure where to begin? Here are a few tips on how to reduce energy use this coming season. Adjust Your Water HeaterWhen spring rolls around, so does warmer weather. While you may lament not being able to soak in a steamy shower every morning, rising outdoor temperatures are certainly worth knocking a few degrees off of your daily cleaning rituals. Rather than doing this manually every time you hop in the shower, consider lowering your water heater's temperature by a few degrees. If you perform

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Why is Renewable Energy Important?

Conserving energy is important to not only save homeowners money on energy expenses but also to protect the future of the environment. One way to conserve energy is to utilize renewable energy sources. This article is going to discuss the importance of renewable energy and what it means for our future.First off, what is renewable energy? Renewable energy sources are those that are replenished constantly. Renewable energy is reliable and plentiful compared to non-renewable energy. Sources such as coal, natural gas, and oil are only obtained by costly explorations and possibly dangerous drilling. Furthermore, these sources will continue to become more expensive as supply decreases. However, renewable energy will become less expensive once the technology needed to access it improves.

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