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How to Productively Get Involved in Earth Day 2021

Spring and this year’s celebration of our planet, Earth Day 2021, are quickly approaching. What began 52 years ago as a call for peace and respect toward the planet by activist John McConnell has blossomed into a very influential and far-reaching movement to educate the world in matters of climate, reservation, and the environment at large.

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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Earth Day, which brings awareness encourages support for environmental causes, was recognized and celebrated for the first time in 1970. There were many different events that took place in the preceding years that led to the formation of this special annual event. There was the publication of the 1962 bestselling environmental conservation book Silent Spring, that brought attention to the health hazards of pesticides and other chemicals. And then there were two separate 1969 maritime events, both environmental disasters. One was an offshore drilling oil spill that was only 6 miles away from the coast of Santa Barbara and the second was the catching fire of Cleveland’s polluted and oil slicked Cuyahoga River.

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EXPANDING ENERGY CHOICE by American Coalition of Competitive Energy Suppliers

The most common query that brings users to the ACCES website is whether one’s state allows energy choice. The creation of new state markets is marked by years of consumer advocates, industry stakeholders, regulators, and lawmakers working to create a dynamic market while also ensuring consumer protection. It may seem like a slow process, but that isn’t for lack of interest on behalf of consumers. Ratepayers in North Carolina, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Arkansas, among other states, have found their way to to research energy choice, and these future customers are interested in how

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