Four Reasons to Adopt a Business Energy Efficiency Policy

Tuesday, January 26, 2021 — Starion Energy

In the USA, small businesses spend a total of $60 billion on energy. So, you can only imagine the potential financial impact of energy costs on big corporations. When overlooked, the rising cost of energy can consume a business’s operational expense.

There is no sign of energy price decline in the near future, at least for non-renewable sources. But you have alternatives to keep your business power consumption low.

One strategy is to create a Business Energy Efficiency Policy or BEEP, for short.

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Four Key Benefits of BEEP

The policy’s purpose is to set guidelines for the reduction of energy consumption in the production of a good or service, regardless of business size. There are four compelling reasons why you should adopt one.

1. Lesser Operational Costs

The most apparent benefit of maintaining an energy efficiency policy can be a healthy cash flow. On average, a small business consumes energy of about 25,000 kWh per year, whereas a medium-scale business consumes roughly 45,000 kWh. Based on the global electricity rate for commercial use (i.e., $0.12), small and medium businesses spend $3,000 and $5,400, respectively.

The numbers vary, depending on the nature of business and utilization. Massive power costs can affect any organization’s bottom line, as there are many operational expenses to cover – rent, labor, equipment, and other utilities.

With an energy efficiency policy, your business can potentially save money, investing in other value-adding features.

2. Reduced Carbon Footprint

At large, by adopting energy-efficient practices, you are helping the world reduce pollution. Often, lesser energy consumption means greener energy sources.

When you choose to install laptops rather than desktops or purchase Energy-Star-certified office equipment, you are saving electricity costs and potentially reducing the amount of global-warming-causing carbon released into the atmosphere.

3. Improved Employee Morale

For the energy efficiency policy to work effectively and sustainably, employees, being in the bottom line, must be involved. Involvement comes in many forms.

You can ask them for ideas on how to best meet the production quota with a minimum energy requirement. You can encourage them to take the stairs instead of elevators. You might even consider incentivizing departments with the least power consumption.

These methods are endless, and you will realize that energy saving is a fun and creative process that increases employee morale, encourages innovative thinking, stimulates resourcefulness, and, to an extent, enhances work productivity.

4. Increased Social Responsibility

The positive effects of running BEEP is not only limited to the corners of an office. You invest in smart tools, discipline staff to conserve power, and, in effect, you create a society that supports and promotes renewable energy. Employees can even bring these eco-friendly practices that are doable at a residential level home with them. You are, therefore, normalizing energy saving.

However, studies show that for employees – the actors – to sustain energy-saving practices, they should identify with a clear goal. As such, incentives and redrafting scorecard metrics to include energy efficiency will greatly help. They will have a quantifiable measure of their efforts instead of merely instructing them to turn off the lights.

Alternatively, you can relay financial reports on energy savings for the month.

Increasing Energy Efficiency for Your Business with Starion Energy

A Business Energy Efficiency Policy can have an effect on the relevant business aspects – financial, operational, human, and social.

Starion Energy understands the positive impacts of energy efficiency. We know that these changes are long-lasting. Therefore, it is our goal to utilize positive energy in enriching the lives of the people, communities, and businesses like yours.

Starion Energy is a provider of renewable energy. We supply both residential homes and businesses, and we offer reliable plans that fit your energy needs.

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