Are You Aware of These Four Benefits of Energy Choice?

Tuesday, October 6, 2020 — Starion Energy

Four Benefits of Having an Energy Choice

Competitive markets allow consumers to switch suppliers, providing them with buying freedom and the ability to move to another company if they feel underserved. Depending on the state where you live, this could lead to more advantageous pricing options, improved service delivery, or the ability to support a more environmentally sustainable energy supplier.

1. With Energy Choice Comes Buying Power

In states like Ohio and New York, you have the freedom to choose both electricity and natural gas providers. For residents of Indiana, only natural gas is available from a competitive market. States like Illinois and Pennsylvania give you access to competitive electricity retailers. In each of these instances and depending on your current service agreements, you retain the power to choose who you want to supply your energy needs.

2. You Could Get Better Value

A regulated market doesn’t value consumers the same way as a competitive supplier would. In deregulated states, you can use your freedom to choose your energy supplier for your electricity/heating needs, potentially giving you better value for your particular needs. Switching suppliers also don’t have to disrupt your life, as you’ll still have the same billing and payment process.

3. It Provides You with a Clean Energy Choice

With more consumers now aware of the impact human activity has on the environment, having access to renewable energy sources is a major advantage for retail suppliers. Some suppliers allow you to pick clean energy as part of your choice when you switch. If you feel strongly about your environmental footprint, ask your supplier about their available clean energy choice.

4. Exceptional Customer Service and Incentives

Another reason why energy choice matters: You could even benefit from a better customer experience with competitive suppliers. Knowing that you have the freedom to switch can help ensure they respond to your requests and make every effort to keep you satisfied with your service. To get you signed up, you may also receive additional benefits in the form of incentives or rewards. These could be in money saving discounts/offers, gift cards, or special bonuses.

Using Your Power to Choose by Partnering with Starion Energy

Starion Energy is loyal to hard-working families, supporting the communities we serve with exceptional customer service, a reliable supply, and transparent energy plans. We strive to become your long-term energy supplier by helping you get the most benefits from your energy choice and buying power.

If you feel underserved by your current provider, or just want to find out what benefits are available to you, reach out to one of Starion Energy’s friendly agents today.