Six Things You Didn’t Know About Renewable Energy

Tuesday, September 15, 2020 — Starion Energy

By April 2019, renewable energy generation outpaced coal for the first time in U.S. history. Coal accounted for 20% of total production, while 23% came from renewable sources, of which approximately 50% was wind and solar generation.

As the era of renewable power generation is now in full swing, we thought we’d assemble six facts about renewable energy you may not know yet.

Six Interesting Facts About Renewable Energy

Did you know solar energy travels more than 93 million miles before reaching the earth? Once it does reach us, the biosphere converts solar rays into chemical energy in plants, algae, and cyanobacteria.

The best solar panels today are approaching the same efficiencies as photosynthesis. The most efficient solar panels at the time of the writing was 22.6%, with plants coming in at 26%. Read on for six more interesting renewable energy facts.

1. Tesla Powers an Entire Island with Solar Panels

When the Electric Vehicle (EV) manufacturer bought SolarCity in 2016, one of their first projects was installing a solar-powered microgrid on the island of Ta’u in American Samoa. Funded by American and Samoan authorities, the project offsets more than 109,000 gallons of diesel per year, which was the fuel used by the island’s generators. The residents now have enough power for three days without sunlight and can rebuild the entire system’s capacity in just seven hours.

2. Cities are Taking Control in the Drive for Clean Energy

Cities around the world are making commitments to become carbon-neutral by 2050, with metropolitan centers like New York City, Boulder, and Minneapolis being some of the first U.S. cities to legislate energy efficiency into their building codes.

3. Renewable Energy Creates More Jobs Than Fossil Fuels

According to research done by the Sierra Club, clean energy outnumbers jobs in the fossil fuel industry 5 to 1. Considering that 25 major U.S. cities have committed to transitioning to renewable energy, the jobs available in the sector makes it an attractive investment that helps build a resilient economy and a sustainable future.

4. Innovation is Synonymous with Renewable Energy

A microgrid requires fast switching, analytics, and advanced control systems that weren’t available 20 years ago. The amount of innovation needed to enable renewable energy sources has driven distributors to adopt newer, more exact control systems capable of monitoring micro-transactions, often using technologies like blockchain to effectively manage feedback and consumption metrics.

5. You Can Save Money with Renewable Energy

Depending on the state you live in, you can reduce your energy bills and save on expenses by installing solar panels at your home. The smallest amount of effort could lead to the greatest savings over time, with states like Arizona and Florida being the most profitable places to install solar panels and contribute to the energy grid in the United States.

6. Nations Can Power Economics with Renewable Energy

Renewable sources power the Kentucky Coal Mine Museum. At the same time, the world’s biggest hydroelectric scheme (Three Gorges Dam) produces more than 22 thousand megawatts of electricity every hour. Using hydroelectric sources of energy can help future generations become sustainable, resilient, and efficient, no matter where they reside in the world.

Embracing the Future of Electricity with Renewable Sources and Starion Energy

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