How to Find the Best Fixed Electricity Plan in PA

Tuesday, August 18, 2020 — Starion Energy

Pennsylvania deregulated its electricity market in 1998. This drove energy suppliers in PA to develop creative rate plans. Since customers were not stuck with a single electricity supplier with a monopoly over the market, deregulation meant that energy suppliers would have to compete to earn their customers’ business.

One of the innovations that emerged from this competition was the fixed electricity rate plan. A fixed electricity plan in PA provides consumers with predictability in their electricity bills for the duration of the plan. Read on to learn the benefits of a fixed electricity plan in PA and how to find the best electricity rates in PA.

Characteristics of a Fixed Electricity Plan in PA

To know whether you will benefit from a fixed electricity plan, you must first understand the differences between fixed and variable electricity plans.

  • Fixed electricity plans: Under a fixed-rate plan, your electricity rate does not change during the term of the plan. Your plan’s term could be as short as three months and as long as a few years. For that period, your cost per kilowatt-hour of use will not change. This means that while your overall bill will fluctuate with your energy usage, your rate will remain constant.
  • Variable electricity plans: Under a variable-rate plan, your electricity rate will vary with the market. This means that when electric demand is high, such as during the summer, your rate willincrease along with your usage. It also means that your bill  can jump when weather, global unrest, and scarcity cause the energy market to spike. A variable-rate plan is usually month-to-month, allowing you to switch energy suppliers whenever you wish.

Shopping for a Fixed Electricity Plan in PA

Whether you are curious about fixed electricity rates in PA or actively looking to switch suppliers, you can shop for a fixed electricity plan with a few simple steps. You might consider shopping for a different energy supplier when you:

  •        Determine your current needs: You will have two needs to satisfy when you shop for your rate plan. The first is your electrical needs. You should look at your electricity consumption over an entire year to account for seasonal fluctuations in use. The second is your budgeting needs. If you require predictability in your electric bill, a fixed-rate plan eliminates the electricity rates uncertainty.
  •        Research energy suppliers in PA: Pennsylvania has a few energy suppliers in each market. You can find the electricity suppliers in your area using the Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission website.
  •        Understand each supplier’s plans: When shopping for a fixed electricity plan in PA, you should review the price and contract length for each option. Longer plans provide greater budgetary certainty but usually have a higher rate and lock you into a plan for a more extended period.
  •        Read reviews: Review aggregators, like PA Energy Ratings, provide consumer reviews for energy suppliers.
  •        Review your current plan: Your current contract might limits when you can switch without paying a termination fee.

Switch to a Fixed Electricity Plan in PA from Starion

Switching plans is easy with Starion Energy. Simply provide Starion with the service location and choose a plan. Starion will notify your utility company, and the switch will occur with no interruption. You will even continue to pay your monthly bill to your utility company.

Contact us to learn more about signing up for a fixed electricity plan in PA.

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