Five Signs It’s Time to Switch Energy Suppliers in Connecticut

Tuesday, August 18, 2020 — Starion Energy

Residential and business energy customers often allow their energy plan to become an afterthought. Some set up autopay and rarely look at the actual statement. Others believe that changing would require too much effort, time, or money. Still, others are unaware that they have a choice in energy suppliers in Connecticut and believe they can’t shop for different energy plans.

However, monitoring your energy bill is critically important. Your energy usage tells you how efficient your energy use is and can identify ways you can reduce it. Likewise, your energy rate tells you how much you pay for energy and can tell you whether it is time to switch suppliers.

When to Consider a Switch in Energy Suppliers in Connecticut

You might consider shopping for a different energy supplier when:

1. Your Energy Bills are Bigger than Expected

Electric bills can fluctuate for many reasons, including seasonal changes in energy consumption, a broken appliance that runs inefficiently, or a rate change. Check your bill to see if your energy consumption has changed. If it has not, it might be time to shop around to see if you can possibly get a better rate or plan.

2. You Have Not Switched in a Long Time

Connecticut deregulated its energy market in 1998. If you have been in your house for more than 22 years, you might not be aware that you can choose a different energy supplier in Connecticut. However, a deregulated market allows energy consumers to select the best deal for them rather than pay a monopoly rate.

3. Your Energy Supplier is Ending Your Plan

Energy plans expire. Energy suppliers go out of business or are acquired by other suppliers. When this happens, you might be offered a new plan that varies substantially from your current plan. Before signing up for a plan, you should shop around to see how it compares to plans from other energy suppliers in Connecticut.

4. You Moved

Starting a new service from the utility company gives you a perfect opportunity to review your energy supplier’s plans. In a deregulated market, you can purchase energy from any local energy supplier regardless of which utility company owns and maintains the transmission lines to your new home. You can use our rate comparison tool to find energy suppliers in your area and compare rates.

5. Energy Prices Have Gone Up

Rate hikes, s, unrest in the Middle East, major temperature swings during winter and summer months can increase heat and AC usage, more people working from home due to COVID-19 can also increase residential energy usage, and hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico can all cause your energy rate to jump around. If your energy rate has gone up, you might look for an energy supplier in Connecticut that offers the right fixed-rate options for your needs

Changing Energy Suppliers in Connecticut

Changing energy suppliers is a simple process:

?       Find energy suppliers  in your area and their energy rates.

?       Select  the plan that makes the most sense for you  and sign up.

?       Continue to pay your electric bill from your utility company,and your utility company will make sure your bill reflects the change in the energy supplier portion of your bill.  Your service will not be interrupted if you choose to switch your energy supplier.

Shopping Energy Suppliers in Connecticut

With the tools available, choosing an energy supplier has never been easier. Energy rates are publicly available, and a little bit of research can lead you to the best deal for your energy needs.

Contact us to see how our energy rates and service compare to other energy suppliers in Connecticut.

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