2020 WAFF Ice House Event A Success!

Monday, February 3, 2020 — Starion Energy
Washington, D.C.’s Ice House 2020 raised $180,000! The third annual Washington Area Fuel Fund (WAFF) Ice House event exceeded its 2020 goal of raising $170,000. The amount raised this year boasts a 15% increase over its 2019 total.Starion Energy, along with 75 other local partners, co-sponsored January’s Ice House charity event, helping to draw attention to the thousands of locals who go without heat during the winter.

Taking the Ice House Challenge

WAFF was established in 1983 to assist people who could not pay to heat their homes. These people include seniors, veterans, and families. Many of the homeowners may be out of work, disabled, or have injuries that prevent them from working. WAFF has, subsequently, donated $29 million to 300,000 homes in Washington, Maryland, and Virginia since its inception.The money raised at the Ice House in January will help heat the homes of 300 local families.The main attraction of the event is a 10-foot by 20-foot house made of 88 ice blocks. Visitors were invited to spend time in the Ice House to demonstrate, as closely as possible, the discomfort of living without heat. Of the hundreds of visitors who came into the Ice House, some even sat in it for 30 minutes.

The Hardships of Life Without Heat

Living without heat poses many untold risks to individuals and the community. For example, the likelihood of fires rises as people do what they can to stay warm, whether it is safe or not. Unfortunately, numerous other hardships arise alongside a lack of heat:

1. Risks to Children

Going without heat not only makes it difficult for children to study but may produce long-term educational consequences.

2. Danger to Pets

Just as people suffer due to a lack of heat, so do animals. The health of a family’s pets during this hardship is often forgotten.

3. Lack of Other Basic Needs 

If someone cannot afford to pay for heat, there are probably other basic needs they go without, like medicine, electricity, or food. The $460,000 earned from the last three years of Ice House fundraising is a good start to getting heat into the homes of residents who would otherwise not have it.  Starion Energy’s co-sponsorship of the Ice House is only one way that we give back to the community. Visit our website to see other organizations we support through ourStarion Cares program.

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