The Starion Energy Blog

February 2020

2020 WAFF Ice House Event A Success!

Washington, D.C.’s Ice House 2020 raised $180,000! The third annual Washington Area Fuel Fund (WAFF) Ice House event exceeded its 2020 goal of raising $170,000. The amount raised this year boasts a 15% increase over its 2019 total.Starion Energy, along with 75 other local partners, co-sponsored January’s Ice House charity event, helping to draw attention to the thousands of locals who go without heat during the winter. Taking the Ice House ChallengeWAFF was established in 1983 to assist people who could not pay to heat their homes. These people include seniors, veterans, and families. Many of the homeowners may be out of work, disabled, or have injuries that prevent them from working. WAFF has, subsequently, donated $29 million to 300,000 homes in Washington, Maryland, and Virginia since

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