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October 2019

The Different Ways in Which You Can Save Energy at Home

The Different Ways in Which You Can Save Energy at Home. Whether you own a small residential property or a large commercial building, it is likely that you are not doing everything possible to conserve energy. Thankfully, many of the most important energy-saving techniques are easy to get started on. The good news about saving energy is that it also ends up saving you money. If you are looking to tick both of these boxes in your day to day life, then follow some of these simple tips below.Simple household changes you can make today.

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Energy Efficiency Day is October 2nd

Happy Energy Efficiency Day!  At Starion Energy every day can be Energy Efficiency Day.  We give our customers the flexibility and freedom to enhance their life and those around them by providing all natural green energy options as well as providing customers the rewards that matter most to them.  Starion customers can receive over 500,000 ways to save on shopping, dining, groceries, travel or entertainment needs.  Today is a great day to make a commitment to the environment and to energy efficiency at your home or workplace.  Sign up with Starion Energy and choose a renewable energy plan; plus, Starion customers can go to 24/7 and save on energy efficient appliances, air filters, light bulbs, all natural green products, and much much more. 

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