Understanding The 5 Types of Renewable Energy Sources

Friday, August 23, 2019 — Starion Energy
Renewable energy benefits future generations.  Conserving energy and using renewable energy helps protect the environment for the generations yet unborn.

According to statistics, in 2015, about 10% of total U.S. energy consumption was from renewable energy sources. According to published reports, production of renewable energy is relatively cheaper compared to fossil fuels, making it a more affordable energy source.

Renewable energy sources are found naturally in sunlight, underground, air, and in the oceans. They are renewed continuously, typically, and it is impossible to exhaust them. They are the best choice when compared to traditional fossil fuels because they are more environmentally friendly. Renewable energy sources are relevant because they lead to less pollution and are an ideal way for power generation.

There are different types of renewable energy sources that generate electricity directly or indirectly and help in the fight against global warming. Some of these sustainable energy forms include:

1.  Solar energy:

Sunlight is one of the most commonly known sources of renewable energy. The power generation is achieved by harvesting the sun's energy and light and converting it into heat. Once the energy is saved, it is used for lighting, water heating, and cooling systems inside homes or businesses.

One of the key benefits of using solar power at home or at a company is the ability to save on energy costs. The initial cost of installing solar panels can be slightly high, but in the long run, many households and businesses report a reduction in their energy bills.

2.  Wind:

Another renewable energy source is wind. The flow of the wind is captured by turbines and then converted into electricity. The electricity generated by wind turbines can be used to supplement energy in already existing establishments, and some cases can offset the need for energy from electricity providers. Farmers have also been known to prefer using power generated from the wind reducing their energy expenses.

3.  Geothermal energy: 

This is another source of sustainable energy. The energy, in this case, is generated from the heat of the earth. The heat can be found either close to the surface of the earth or from heated rock and hot water reservoirs that are deep in the ground. Geothermal power plants are then able to generate electricity from these sources and supply power to various establishments and homes. Manufacturing plants, heating water at fish farms, as well as helping with growing greenhouse plants are some of the ways that geothermal power is used directly.

4.  Hydroelectricity:

This is energy that is from water or the kinetic energy from flowing rivers. Commonly, hydroelectric power is generated when water stored in dams is released and flows through turbines and produces electricity. This type of system is known as pumped-storage hydropower.

Run-of-river hydropower is another system where energy is generated from a flowing river requiring no dam or water reservoirs. Hydroelectricity can also be used to run big manufacturing plants as well as power households and is considered to be environmentally friendly.

5.  Energy from the ocean:

The ocean can produce two types of energy; thermal energy generated from the sun's heat and mechanical energy produced out of the waves and motions of tides. Electricity is generated from ocean thermal energy by using different systems that depend on the temperatures of the water on the surface. Ocean mechanical energy, on the other hand, depends on the ebbs and tides that result from the rotation of the earth and the influence of the moon.

Renewable energy sources are not only friendly to the environment but are also a cheaper source of electricity. Various green energy providers can offer advice on the best source for your home or industry depending on the cost and available sources available locally.

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