5 Green Ways to Save Energy

Monday, August 19, 2019 — Starion Energy
At this point, we have all heard of fast, effective, and easy ways to save energy at home and at work. We know that conserving energy is very important for the environment. And many times we hear of the same suggestions on ways to save energy. Things such as installing energy-saving windows, for instance, or other energy-saving tips such as lowering the thermostat. It's working, too: for example, every year the people who use solar energy to reduce the use of oil by 75 million barrels. However, there are also some other ways to save energy, too.

Here are some green ways to save energy which also may end up saving you money as well!

1.  Work From Remote Locations

Working from remote locations allows you to save resources from both personal and the office. While visiting a new coffee shop or shared work space, you may find that those locations are using significantly greener options to reduce their energy footprint. Many new establishments are building in ways to save on energy use. Patronizing your local community helps them, helps you, and helps everyone save more.

2.  Use Homemade Cleaning Products

One fantastic way to help the environment and save yourself some money is to make your own supplies for cleaning. Natural products such as lemon and vinegar are so good for the environment and so refreshing in your home. Natural ingredients are also much better for the quality of your indoor air.

3.  Use Your Electronics

Resist the temptation to turn in all your electronics every time a new, updated model appears on the market. If you can keep all of your cell phones and computers as long as possible, you are doing the environment a great service. When the time comes that you absolutely do have to replace them, make sure that you donate them or recycle them properly.

4.  Use Secondhand Stores

Buying items from second hand stores or thrift stores, garage sales can be like finding a treasure chest! Some items are barely used at all. And some are so unusual that they will be definite conversation pieces in your homes. Gently used clothes are so much better for the environment the new clothing. Purchasing from secondhand merchants definitely has an effect on the environment. And it will have an effect on your wallet as well!

5.  Use Locally Grown Foods

This is a green option that has wonderful results! First of all, when you buy from your local farmers and retailers, you are helping the economy in your neighborhood. Secondly, locally grown food is often more organic, and sustainable seafood tastes absolutely delicious. Third, if you try this option you may find that you can give up having meat one day a week. And this will definitely make your grocery bill less expensive. What a win-win!

These suggestions will definitely make a difference in your budget and in the environment, as well. Naturally, you want to save electricity, you want to reduce energy use in your home—you want to do all you can and find ways to save energy in your home. These homegrown green energy tips are fun, too, because they can all be done as family projects. Filled with common sense, they will actually help yield great energy conservation results and make you feel good that you are doing your part to save energy.

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