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June 2019

Energy-Efficient Halogen Bulbs and Other Habits that Save Energy

According to research, a quarter of the electricity that is consumed in homes is used for lighting. Therefore, it is important to know what kind of bulbs are the most energy efficient so that you can save money. Whether you are thinking about lighting at home, in the office, or outdoors, you can always reduce the amount of money that you spend on energy if you know how to choose the right light bulbs. Here, we'll talk about halogen bulbs and a few other ways you can save on energy in your home.For your flood lighting needsOne of the most common uses of energy-efficient halogens is in flood lighting. Usually, you will find them in the streets and stadiums where a lot of light is needed. In addition to that, these are bulbs that operate at high temperatures, and that is the reason they need so

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What is Deregulated Energy Again and Why Do I Want It?

We all want it, a lower carbon footprint in order to leave this world a better place than when we found it. A lower electric bill wouldn't be such a bad thing either!There are many ways to do this in today's world. Solar energy reduces 35 Million Tonnes of carbon dioxide annually. There are electric cars, lights that turn on and off in case you forget, and more and more we are looking for renewable and sustainable energy sources.A step forward in the quest for finding new, sustainable, and yes, affordable energy sources is deregulated energy.Maybe you've heard of it, maybe you are using it but it never hurts to go over things again. For those that don't know, deregulated energy is when there is less governmental control over your electricity. Pretty simple right? But, what does this mean for

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Five Surprising Ways to Save on Energy Expenses This Summer

Summer is here. This means air conditioning season is also here. Energy reduction not only saves money on energy expenses, but also reduces your carbon footprint. Most people know that sealing air leaks in windows and doors can reduce energy costs to cool your home up to 20% and make your home more comfortable. But what else can you do? Here are five surprising ways to save on energy expenses this summer:Program Your Thermostat to Reduce Energy Expenses When You Are Not HomeWhile programmable thermostats are fairly common, nearly 40% of programmable thermostat owners do not use the programming features. People with a regular work or school schedule can reduce energy usage by programming the thermostat to turn on the air conditioner at higher temperatures when they are not home and a comfortable

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