How to Throw an Eco-Friendly Party

Friday, September 14, 2018 — Starion Energy

Party planning is a task that involves a surprising amount of work -- from sending invitations to choosing amazing decorations, you're sure to put a lot of time and thought into planning parties this summer. But one factor that many party-throwers fail to think about is the environment. Parties can amount to a lot of waste that can be harmful to the environment. So to help you keep your parties eco-friendly this summer, here are a few tips.

Go paperless:

Unfortunately, many party aspects involve paper: from the invitations to paper cups and plates, there can be a lot of paper waste after a party is done. But it's quite easy to go the paperless route with your party. Instead of paper invitations, consider e-invites -- these won't waste paper and can actually be more convenient. And when it comes to cups, plates, and silverware, don't choose paper or plastic. Instead, use real cups and plates that can be washed and reused. This way, you won't have a ton of garbage after the party is done and you can feel good about saving some trees. If you do have to use some paper elements, make sure they get recycled properly.

Reduce and reuse decorations:

When it comes to decorations, many party planners rely on streamers, balloons, and more decor that can't be reused or has to be thrown out after it's been used. This can amount to having a lot of waste when the party is done. So instead, consider reducing the number of decorations and reusing items you already have. For example, empty wine bottles and other vases can be filled with wildflowers and serve as beautifully simple centerpieces. Or if you don't have party-approved decorations laying around, check out local thrift shops for some second-hand goods that can be used again in the future.

Choose eco-friendly lighting:

One of the easiest ways to see a reward for using less energy is choosing energy-efficient lighting. Lighting can use a lot of energy in a home but fortunately, choosing the right lighting is one of the easiest ways to save energy in your home. By doing something as simple as switching to energy-efficient LEDs and halogen incandescent bulbs, homeowners can reduce energy use by about a third up to as much as 80%. So if you're choosing lighting for your summer parties and want some fancy string lights, make sure you're choosing the right type of bulbs. Additionally, you can go for lighting options that don't use any energy, like candles or solar lights. Either way, you'll have the opportunity to have some great party lighting and see a reward for using less energy.

Parties don't have to produce a ton of harmful waste. By following these simple tips, you can feel good that you're helping the environment and seeing a reward for using less energy, all while having an awesome party.

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