Ways To Keep You And Your Bills Cool

Thursday, August 9, 2018 — Starion Energy

This summer has been so hot it's been breaking records from coast to coast. In fact, in the month of July, Death Valley, California did break the record for hottest month in the history of the United States with an average daily temperature of 108.1 degrees Fahrenheit.

Air conditioners are working overtime these summer months and we're looking at conserving energy as much as we can. Read on if you want to save on energy costs.

Look out for leaks

Yes, leaks are difficult to actually look out for. However small they may be, they're present and are your enemy if you're looking to save on energy costs. Sealing air leaks can save you up to 20% on annual heating and cooling bills, not to mention making your home a more comfortable place to exist. Don't cool the outdoors, get those leaks looked at.

Tailor your physical environment

It's easy to let an air conditioner do all the work when it's stifling outside, but you have a bunch of manual things that can be done in alliance with your air conditioner. Outside, having trees that block a portion of the sun (especially in the late afternoon) does a great deal to reduce your house's internal temperature. Inside, drawing shades and closing blinds while the sun is brightest will keep the window borne heat at bay throughout the day. Then, at night, open the windows and let a cool evening breeze plus a fan or two recirculate refreshing air.

Get smart

On the other end of the spectrum from the previous point, more advanced technology is your friend. Use programmable thermostats to your advantage. If you know there are certain times of day you won't be home, raise the temperature, then run the air conditioning only when people are home. Reducing energy costs is about consciously using energy directly when it's needed, not cooling an empty house.

Trying to stay cool this summer might seem like a lot of work, but that extra work you put in will be reflected in a comfortable home with a little extra money in your pocket.

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