What is Renewable Energy Going to Look Like This Year?

Tuesday, May 22, 2018 — Starion Energy

As the years go by, more and more people, agencies, and energy companies are focusing on renewable energy. With the money these renewable energy options save homeowners and businesses, as well as the positive impact green energy has on the environment, these sustainable energy sources are becoming a main focus in the energy industry. In fact, about 10% of energy consumption in the U.S. was from renewable energy sources in 2015 and has continued to increase. But how has this focus on renewable energy changed recently? This article is going to discuss a few key trends this year that will see on the renewable energy front.

Costs will continue to decrease.

Over the past few years, prices of renewable energy sources have continued to steadily decrease. As more people invest in renewable energy, costs will become lower and lower. Because of this, sustainable energy options are slowly but surely becoming more favorable than nonrenewable sources. People around the world are realizing how low prices are for solar, wind, and other types of sustainable energy options and are taking advantage of these low costs.

Waste-to-energy facilities are on the rise.

Waste management is a major problem in many places around the world. Fortunately, waste-to-energy facilities can help manage this growing problem. These facilities process waste and help control landfill expansion. This is crucial in areas that are running out of room for landfills and need an alternative solution. Because of this, this year is expected to see more projects revolving around waste-to-energy facilities.

Energy storage efforts continue.

In order to fully support the integration of renewable energy into power availability from energy companies and the like, there needs to be serious developments in renewable energy storage. Last year saw a lot of states focusing on energy storage, with a heavy interest on education and training programs. However, more companies are exploring options for storing renewable energy and how this stored energy can be used.

Corporations are choosing sustainable energy.

Last year saw a ton of announcements from big corporations regarding their energy efforts. With the push from customers and the money big businesses can save by choosing renewable energy options, this year is expected to see plenty more big corporations going green.

Hopefully, this year will see some major developments in the green energy field. Businesses, individuals, and energy companies are beginning to see all of the benefits renewable energy can offer and starting to take advantage of them.

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