Study Suggests U.S. Could Run Almost Entirely on Renewable Energy By 2050

Monday, February 12, 2018 — Starion Energy

The U.S. is slowly but surely making efforts to implement renewable energy nation-wide. Now, a new study has found that it may be possible for the U.S. to run almost entirely on renewable energy by the year 2050. The Renewable Electricity Futures Study found that with current technology, an 80% renewables future is possible. The technology that could make this happen consists of wind turbines, solar power, biopower, geothermal, and hydropower. Many areas in the United States are already investing time and money in renewable energy, which is further showing the positive impact of these energy efforts. In fact, 75 million barrels of oil are saved each year by people and businesses that use solar energy.

Researchers made sure to include results that detailed how potential for renewable energy sources would vary by region. For example, some areas in the country have substantial wind resources, while others have more solar potential. To show these results, interactive visuals were created. The study looked at 134 regions across the country on an hourly basis. It was assessed by 140 peer reviewers and used state-of-the-art modeling to gather the data. The final report includes assessments of costs, challenges, and opportunities for the individual renewable energy technology.

By using renewable energy, the U.S. will be providing benefits for the climate, public health, and the economy. Not only does it drastically reduce global warming emissions and increase jobs, it can also reduce the necessary water amounts for power production compared to fossil-fueled power plants. This Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) study clearly shows that while an 80% renewables future is possible, it can only be achieved with the right policies in place.

What can you do to help?

With a little effort and by working alongside your local energy supplier, you can help contribute to this sustainable future. One thing you can do is look into easy ways to save energy in your home. This can be as simple as investing in a programmable thermostat, cleaning your furnace filters, and even talking to your local energy supplier about what kind of technologies they were using to supply energy to your area.

More and more energy providers are investing in renewable energy, saving themselves and their clients money. Because of this, it's important to fully understand what technologies are being used to generate your energy. With time, patience, and commitment, we could be on our way to a more sustainable future. Contact our team to discuss your clean energy options.

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