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Help Your Business, Help the Planet: 3 Ways to Conserve Energy at the Office

You’ve been trying to save on energy costs at home by being just a little more conscious of your carbon footprint. But energy conservation doesn’t have to stop at your front door. You can bring your green lifestyle into your business to save your company money and help the environment. Here are just a few ways to practice energy reduction at work. Unplug From the computers, to the printers, to the coffee pot in the break room, you probably use a lot of electronics in your office. Why leave them running overnight when no one is around to use them? At the end of each work day, simply power down your computers, unplug the microwaves, and shut off all the power strips. To save up to 10% on heating and cooling, install a programmable thermostat that manages the heating and cooling system when you’re

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3 Reasons to Use Natural Gas Over Other Fossil Fuels

After a two-year high, natural gas prices have decreased to the lowest level since December of 2014. "U.S. natural gas inventories remain historically elevated for this time of year, and will look to challenge the latest rise in prices going forward," said Robbie Fraser, a commodity analyst at Schneider Electric. According to The Wall Street Journal, futures for January natural gas delivery decreased 3.2 cents (0.9%) to $3.603 per million British thermal units (BTU) on the New York Mercantile Exchange. At one point, trading was as high as $3.748 a million BTUs. "In the event that weather moderates and we get another period of normal to low-normal demand, then it’s going to quickly come back into focus," said Zane Curry, director of markets and research at Mobius Risk Group. Despite the market

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3 Major Benefits of Wind Power

In 2016, more than half of the renewable energy in the U.S. was used for producing electricity, and about 13% of electricity came from renewable energy sources. Environmentally friendly energy suppliers and American consumers agree that one of the best solutions to the energy crisis is wind power. Here’s why: It’s renewable Wind is a renewable energy source, meaning that it can be produced over and over again, never running out. The energy we currently get from fossil fuels, on the other hand, won’t last much longer. Wind energy will reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, solving the problem of our ever-increasing demand for gas and petroleum products. Wind energy can also be produced right here in the U.S., make us less reliant on other countries for our power generation.It’s better for the

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Looking to Shrink your Energy Bill this Season? Here’s some ideas.

It can be the center-piece to your living room and all, yet all things considered, your fireplace is not efficient —and quite frankly— it’s wasteful. As indicated by the Department of Energy, a lit fireplace sucks around 24,000 cubic feet of heater warmed air up the smokestack every hour. On top of it: It's replaced by frosty air that comes the other way through the same opening, making your furnace work overtime to keep your home toasty. Still, we love assembling round the hearth as much as anyone else. Remember to turn the thermostat down a little when you utilize it. Also, open a window in the room a little where the fireplace is and shut the doors to the room so it doesn't suck any excessive amount of warm air from whatever is left in the house. Also, make sure to close your damper when

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3 Great Alternative Energy Sources for Your Home

If you haven't heard, deregulated energy markets are currently sweeping the nation, affording homeowners and businesses the option to choose how they get their power and where it comes from. The deregulation of electricity markets has eliminated the monopoly of municipal entities, giving you more freedom than ever when it comes to your power suppliers. The average American home currently used 903 kilowatt hours per month, which results in a bill of $107. You can drastically reduce these monthly  costs by switching to alternative energy sources that both save you money as well as reduce your environmental footprint. Here are three of the best alternative energy sources that you should be considering for your home or

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