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What You Need to Know About Energy Deregulation

With large winter heating bills looming ahead of homeowners in much of the country, this is the time of year when many people get serious about scouring their electric bills and trying to conserve energy in their homes. But if you’re one of those homeowners looking for savings, energy deregulation may offer you an easier way to lower your monthly bills. Since you may not be familiar with energy deregulation, here’s an overview and the answers to four of the most frequently asked questions on the topic: How Does Energy Deregulation Work? Essentially, energy deregulation breaks up the monopoly of public utility companies by dividing energy generation from energy distribution. This means that instead of your utility company deciding which electricity companies to buy power from, you can

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3 Ways to Save Energy Without Lifestyle Inconveniences

With energy costs and environmental concerns rising side by side, trying to usegreen energy sources and promoting overall energy conservation are no-brainers. In some cases, this might require some moderate sacrifice when it comes to conveniences, such as turning lights off every time you leave the room, or unplugging small devices (such as coffee makers) when they’re not in use. But often, the biggest savings require almost no lifestyle changes whatsoever. Here are three such ways to help the planet and lower your monthly bills:Get a Programmable Thermostat- Programmable thermostats can contribute to a 10% annual savings on heating and cooling costs in the average household -- without you having to sacrifice any comfort when you’re at home. These thermostats -- most of which are easy enough

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