What is Energy Deregulation?

In the United States during the 1930s, the energy market was so regulated that it created monopolies out of the utility companies. The government strictly enforced a rate cap on energy prices, leaving some users in energy plans that did not benefit them. Over the past few decades, however, that has begun to change.

Some state governments across the country are in the process of creating legislation to disband the monopolies and give consumers the right to choose their energy supplier. Though varying state to state, this is allowing some customers to choose their plans, prices and customer services options, rather than being wedged into scenario of having only one energy company to choose from.

Some deregulated energy states have all the various energy types broken up; while some, it is only a partial deregulation.  Deregulation or energy choice doesn't just help in choosing a better plan, it opens the doors for people to choose a gas supplier or electricity supplier that suits their needs and views. More people can now focus on conserving energy by choosing a company that offers plans that meet their everyday needs. And with over half of the United States' renewable energy sources being used to produce electricity, this is very welcomed news for some people.

The deregulated energy states also have another benefit in their efforts to try to provide customers more of a choice. Because people can choose their own energy companies, it helps create income for small businesses and larger companies. This can then be used to possibly invest in future renewable energy sources or the education of conserving energy.

While deregulation or energy choice increases to more states, there will be no drastic changes to a customer's energy services, other than a different energy supplier.  Energy choice can provide a major benefit to consumers and businesses alike.

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About Starion Energy 

Starion is a licensed electricity and gas supplier in the deregulated energy market since September 2009.  Energy deregulation gives consumers the choice of an alternative electric supplier and determines the rates and terms at which they purchase electric generation services.  Starion services markets in Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.  Starion is strategically positioned for continued growth in new markets for years to come.