Welcome To Summer Green Savvy Energy Saving Tips

Of the range of renewable energy types, the goal boils down to cutting costs and our carbon footprint. That doesn't make us want to be uncomfortable, especially when the season heats up and your air conditioner becomes your saving grace.

Energy savings doesn't have to be a full investment in wind farms or acres of solar panels (though, wouldn't that be nice?), but there are simple ways to make your current energy consumption less than usual. You'll definitely want to know how to reduce energy use this summer and stay cool at the same time.

Up your technology game

Lowering your thermostat during the winter by a margin of two degrees can save 6% on carbon emissions. That's about 420 pounds of carbon dioxide per year that you're not putting into the air. The same goes for air conditioning. A huge part of this is system automation. Investing in an automated thermostat will help reduce energy costs across the board. Mobile accessibility and smart temperature control are small technologies that make a difference through the convenience of remote access and smart systems.

Duct, duct, goose

Your AC unit, like your furnace, transports air of whatever temperature through your ducts to all the rooms in your house. Over time, ducts can get a little leaky. It might not be something you readily notice, too, so having professionals look at your ducts is important. Properly sealing your ducts makes for more efficient air distribution and, in turn, lowers your energy bills. If you start noticing a room (or two) not getting to the right temperature, that's a telltale sign of leaky ducting.

Homefront focus

Similar to duct sealing, the air in your house should be well circulated and stay in the house. It seems obvious, but a lot of households neglect problem areas like entrance ways, windows, skylights, and vents. All of these small leaks add up when it comes to air escaping, which definitely hikes up the bill and does nothing to keep temperature properly maintained.

There are tons of ways to adjust your lifestyle the smallest bit to cut down energy costs and hoist the environmentally friendly banner. Renewable energy types are certainly becoming more popular as time and technology move forward, but it remains our responsibility to alter our commonly practiced habits first and impact change in everyday life. Living consciously this way, our path toward the future looks green as can be.

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