Using Your Thermostat Properly Can Help Save Energy at Home

The way we use energy has changed drastically over time. Just think, wood supplied almost 90% of our energy needs over 150 years ago! Now, people tend to focus more on renewable energy and ways we can reduce energy use. Fortunately, with today's technology, this is easier than ever to do. One technological tool that can help with energy conservation is a thermostat. So let's take a closer look at how thermostats can help save energy when used right.

How Can the Right Thermostat Save You Energy?

Most homes are equipped with a thermostat to help keep the indoor temperature nice and comfortable. And while it may be tempting to crank up the heat in the colder months, setting your thermostat back even just a few degrees can reduce heating and cooling costs immensely. Programmable thermostats are something every home should have. It can be difficult to remember to turn down the heat or air when you're sleeping or not home. But with a programmable thermostat, you won't have to remember. You can simply set your thermostat to turn down the heat or AC when you're not home or sleeping and you can easily reduce your energy use. Additionally, you should ensure your thermostat is in a central location in your home. If a thermostat is installed in a poor location, like near a garage, it can misread the temperature. So with the right thermostat, you can save energy at home with ease.

What To Avoid With Your Thermostat

When using your thermostat, it's important to not make mistakes that could lead you to use more energy than necessary. One big mistake homeowners often make is cranking up their heat or AC because they think that will help them reach their desired temperature quicker. Not only does this not work, but it can actually make your HVAC system run slower and use more energy. So to focus on energy conservation, don't set the temperature too high or too low. Furthermore, you should try to change the thermostat temperature as little as possible. If you constantly change the temperature on your thermostat, you're going to end up using more energy because your HVAC unit will have to stop and start repeatedly.

When it comes to energy conservation, using the right thermostat, and using it correctly, can be a big energy saver. So keep these tips in mind and remember to use your thermostat wisely.

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