Energy usage is a major concern for homeowners of all kinds. Thankfully, with the abundant knowledge available to consumers today, there are many steps you can take to reduce your energy use. It doesn't hurt to know that making these positive changes also decrease your monthly utility bills, and contribute to a more sustainable, environmentally friendly world.

Change Your Light Bulbs

Though it may seem obvious, changing your light bulbs is perhaps the quickest way to see a measurable reduction in your energy consumption. Older forms of outdated light bulb styles not only give off excess heat, but they also waste energy. When you have lots of these older bulb styles, they can quickly add up to larger energy loss throughout your home. While seeing what options you have with your electricity company can certainly help you to reduce energy usage, making some simple adjustments such as upgrading your light bulbs represents one of the best ways to save energy in your home.

For example, just changing the types of light bulbs that you use around the house can have quite a dramatic effect on your overall energy usage. You can reduce energy use from about a third to as much as 80%. By installing today's increasing number of energy-efficient halogen incandescents, CFLs and LEDs, you can expect to see a positive adjustment on your next monthly utility bill.

Ask Your Electricity Company About Energy Use Rewards

Most people aren't aware that their electricity company just might have some special rewards awaiting those who are committed to reducing their environmental footprint. As a matter of fact, many energy providers have comprehensive programs for checking your weekly usage and comparing it to averages in your area. It's always worthwhile to look around your electricity company's website or make a call to see if they offer rewards and incentives for employees who reduce their energy use.

Look Into Green Energy Services

The market for green energy is growing. More and more people are recognizing the power of solar and wind energy services to create energy that is more sustainable, and healthy for the environment. Traditional energy services use fossil fuels that have some negative consequences on the planet. For one, they require damaging extraction processes to make them available to consumers. Fossil fuels also emit greenhouse gas, which causes erosion to the ozone layer, in turn contributing to global warming. To ensure you are not complicit in these harmful processes, it's wise to ask your electricity company about the availability of green energy services such as wind and solar.

Conserving energy around your home is a process that requires constant mindfulness. Choosing the right electricity company is a great first step, but there is so much you can do throughout your everyday life. By informing yourself on the current state of renewable energy and taking the small, everyday steps needed to reduce your energy use, you will soon find that you are on your way to living a more sustainable lifestyle.