Summertime's soaring temperatures might be a welcome relief from the frigid winter -- but they aren't always good news. Although the sky stays lighter later, our bills tend to spike during the summer months due to air conditioner use. But conserving energy (and lowering your bills) might be easier than you think. Here are some ways to save energy that you might never have considered.

  • Fill up the fridge: Every time you open your refrigerator or freezer, the warm air rushes in and quickly replaces the cool air inside. That means your fridge needs to use more power to get those temperatures back down. Of course, this is why you should keep those doors closed (and never stand in front of them, deep in thought!) whenever possible. But it also helps if you don't have a lot of empty space, as that can allow more warm air to find its way in. This isn't to say that you should fill your fridge with food that will only spoil; that's a waste of money and resources, for sure. But it'll help if you can pack your freezer tightly with items you know your family will consume and that you keep extra bottles of water in your fridge to take up space. As long as these items won't go to waste, this can help with your conservation efforts.

  • Plant a tree (or several): The landscaping on your property can actually help you save electricity, providing you put some thought into it. By strategically planting trees around your home and even surrounding your air conditioner, you can provide some additional shade and thereby reduce the heat that gets into your home. Plus, the shade from trees can conserve up to 2.4 tons of CO2 emissions every year! You'll need to keep the position of your property in mind to make the most of this. Be sure to consult with a professional landscaper to ensure your chosen trees will block out sunlight during the hottest parts of the day.
  • Take a cool, short shower: A short shower is typically better than a long bath in terms of water waste. And a cool shower definitely snags the top spot for saving energy. When it's already hot outside, taking a cool shower can feel like sweet relief. But it can also do wonders for your pocket book and your conservation goals! Your hot water heater won't have to work nearly as hard, which means you'll save money and reduce your energy use. Since the water is cooler, you probably won't want to take a long shower anyway, which will save you more on your water bills.
  • Use fans thoughtfully: You might assume that switching on a ceiling fan doesn't allow you to save electricity. But actually, it's much more energy efficient than relying on your central cooling system. In fact, you'll actually be able to raise your thermostat setting by a few degrees and still stay comfortable, since your ceiling fan will help keep you cool. Just remember to turn off those fans once you leave the room you're in. The fan cools you, not the room, which means it's not beneficial to keep it on when no one's home.
  • Switch up your cooking routine: Baking can be cozy in winter, but you'll want to avoid it in summer if you want to keep your home cool. Instead, use a microwave, a solar cooker, an outdoor propane grill, or a halogen oven. These methods are generally more efficient and will keep your home a lot cooler. No one wants to slave over a hot stove on a hot day! You may even want to adopt some elements of a raw diet for the summer, which will keep temperatures cooler and can allow your body to absorb even more nutrients. The more bearable you can make your kitchen, the happier you'll be (and the lower bills won't hurt, either).

We hope these tips will help you reach your green goals this summer and will make your family feel much more comfortable when at home. To find out more about reducing your energy use, please contact us today.

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