Summer Heat Wave Awareness Campaign from The Pennsylvania Public Utility

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission has launched its Summer Heat Wave Awareness Campaign to inform Pennsylvanians about ways they can reduce their energy consumption while staying cool and healthy. It’s a matter of energy conservation, but, more importantly, it’s a matter of health and safety.

Cooling and heating your home uses more energy and energy dollars than any other system in your home. Follow these simple and practical tips to conserve energy, save on your utility bills and stay cool during the hot summer months: 


1) In hot, humid summer months set your thermostat at 78 degrees when you are home and 85 degrees or off when you are away.

2) Keep drapes closed and shades drawn. The amount of energy required to cool your home will be considerably less.

3) Replace filters monthly for maximum benefit and check air and return vents on a regular basis to keep circulation air paths clear. Request a "home energy audit" from your local utility to identify any areas where energy is being lost and to find out ways to save on your heating and cooling bills.

4) Clothes dryers and dishwashers produce a lot of heat. Use them in the early morning or late evening, not in the heat of the day.

5) Use only lights and appliances you really need. Even a basic light bulb can add heat to a room.

6) Use a microwave oven instead of a conventional range or oven.

7) Wash full loads of clothes in cold water whenever possible and avoid over-drying.

8) Relax in rooms that do not receive direct sunlight or stay on the lowest floor of your home.

9) Air leaks waste energy dollars year-round.

10) Caulking and weather-stripping will help keep cool air in.

Information provided by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission Office of Communications.