With warm and sunny weather just around the corner, homeowners should be thinking about how to save on cooling costs and energy use this Summer. Contrary to popular belief, saving energy doesn't have to be difficult! By working with a sustainable residential energy provider and doing a few things to reduce energy at home, homeowners can significantly cut back on energy use. To help you get started, this article is going to discuss a few easy ways to reduce energy costs at home this summer.

  1. Open the windows. While many people are tempted to crank up the air conditioner as soon as it gets warm out, this obviously increases energy use. Instead, homeowners should consider opening windows. Not only does this allow for some fresh air to get in the house after being closed off all winter, but it will allow for a cross-breeze and will naturally cool down the house. If homeowners do choose to crank up the AC, they should ensure they speak with their residential energy provider about heating and cooling costs.
  2. Keep the curtains closed. When the sun is out, most homeowners enjoy keeping their curtains and blinds open to let the sun into their home. However, this added heat inside the home can lead homeowners to crank up the AC. So by keeping window treatments closed, homeowners can reduce heat gain as the temperature gets warmer. This is one of the easiest ways to save energy and add a little decor to a home as well.
  3. Plant some trees. Summer is a great time to get some gardening done. And guess what? Planting trees can even help you reduce cooling costs! Shade trees and even appropriate painting can help homeowners reduce energy use and save up to 2.4 tons of CO2 emissions each year. Furthermore, each tree that's planted absorbs about 25 pounds of CO2 each year as well. So not only will homeowners have nice trees in their yard, but they'll enjoy reduced energy costs as well.
  4. Have the AC unit serviced. As the temperature rises, the AC unit will inevitably be turned on. After sitting idle for the winter months, air conditioner units will have to kick it into overdrive to cool the house down. By getting their AC unit serviced, homeowners can ensure their unit is running as efficiently as possible. If the filters are clogged or parts are going bad, the inefficient unit will increase energy costs. But a little regular maintenance can help homeowners with their energy reduction and keep their house cool.
  5. Cook dinner outside. With warm weather comes those yummy summer foods like burgers and hot dogs. But instead of cooking them inside, homeowners should consider grilling out. Not only will they get to enjoy the nice warm weather, but they'll keep the heat out of their homes and save electricity by choosing to grill out instead. In doing this, homeowners will be saving energy and getting yummy food, so it's a win-win.
Summer is a great time to start reducing energy use. With it being not too cold or not too hot, there are plenty of opportunities for homeowners to take advantage of the mild weather and not use their cooling systems too frequently. By working with their residential energy provider and making a few simple changes at home, homeowners can reduce their energy use, their energy bills, and do their part in saving the planet at the same time.

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