Start Your Spring Cleaning with These Energy Saving Tips

With Groundhog Day behind us and winter (hopefully) coming to a close soon, it's time to start looking forward to warm breezes and spring cleaning. But that also means ditching your energy-consuming winter habits! Say goodbye to your heated blankets and hello to a brighter, cleaner, energy-saving spring.

Not sure where to begin? Here are a few tips on how to reduce energy use this coming season.

Adjust Your Water Heater

When spring rolls around, so does warmer weather. While you may lament not being able to soak in a steamy shower every morning, rising outdoor temperatures are certainly worth knocking a few degrees off of your daily cleaning rituals. Rather than doing this manually every time you hop in the shower, consider lowering your water heater's temperature by a few degrees. If you perform this action as it gets warmer outside, you could be saving your water heater some work and saving yourself a little bit of summer vacation money.

Let the Breeze Work for You

Green energy might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about spring cleaning, but it may be simpler than you think. After all, have you ever performed spring cleaning without airing out your house? When you turn off the heat and open the windows, you're letting the breeze take care of circulating air and maintaining the temperature in your home. It's nature's very own air conditioning!

Update Your Thermostat

Of all the easy ways to save energy, this is probably the most common. A programmable thermostat can actually save up to 10% of annual cooling and heating costs! With that in mind, it's not hard to see why this is one of the most popular ways to rack up energy savings. Instead of lugging your window units in and out every spring and fall, a centralized AC system with a programmable thermostat can make shifting between seasons as easy as pressing a button.

If you're wondering how to reduce energy use this spring, look no further than these three tips. For more information on how to help reduce your energy use at home, contact Starion Energy today.

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