Alternative electric company wants to help customers out in ways that mean the most to Them.

We want to offer our customers incentives and go above and beyond to see if we can save them more in their everyday life.

MIDDLEBURY, CT (PRWEB) February 06, 2015

As of January, Starion Energy, Inc. began rolling out a rewards program that will offer customers discounts on various everyday services and products.

"The whole idea with the rewards program is to give people something extra for being our energy customers," said Marketing Director Duane Gereski. "We want to offer our customers incentives and go above and beyond to see if we can save them more in their everyday life."

The program, called Starion Rewards, is a free, online member rewards program for Starion Energy Customers. The company successfully tested a pilot version in 2014, and has now announced a full launch. Starion Energy, Inc. is an alternative energy supplier in deregulated markets across 10 states. Starion Rewards will be offered to new customers, in most markets, who provide valid email addresses through the company’s telemarketing channel.

The program offers up to $1,200 in rewards per year in areas such as travel, shopping and dining; members can even receive grocery discounts. Plus, enrollees who remain an active Starion Energy customer for six months will also be eligible for an additional $100 shopping rebate from one of their favorite stores (or a
choice of five other items). Active Starion customers can even continue to receive free milestone gifts as long as they are in the program. It's simple; the longer a customer stays with Starion Energy, the more they can save with Starion Rewards.

Gereski said Starion Rewards is designed to appeal to many customers across multiple states. "We wanted the rewards program to be customizable so it would be able to affect different consumer’s needs," he explained. "If you are single, married, or have a family, it doesn't matter because Starion Rewards has benefits that we hope can appeal to your lifestyle."

More information about the program can be found at "Qualified Starion Rewards customers choose the benefits that they want to use, when they want to use them," Gereski commented. "It’s a totally free program and our way of saying, thank you for being a Starion Energy customer."

About Starion Energy, Inc.

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