Starion Energy Celebrates 10 Years In Business and Looking Forward To Empowering Their Customers For Years To Come

October 2019, Middlebury, CT

As 2019 is coming to an end, Starion Energy Inc. is excited to celebrate their 10th anniversary. Over the years, Starion Energy has worked hard to serve the greater good of the community by giving back, helping families reduce their carbon footprint, and allowing customers options when choosing their gas and electricity provider. Partnering over the years with local and national charities like Toys for Tots, Yale Pediatric Oncology, Soldiers’ Angels, local youth team organizations, schools, and the Connecticut Cancer Foundation has allowed Starion to truly energize the lives of others who need it most.  Starion employees donate countless hours and resources to the special non-profit organizations that mean so much to their customers and employees.  Starion Energy has put their heart and expertise to work every day for the last ten years. 

Starion Energy has been providing customizable utility packages, and a dedication to excellent customer service; they empower and protects the unique dreams, and goals that face consumers across the country.


"Our mission is to convert our positive energy and use our knowledge to power the lives of people, communities, and businesses."           -Starion Energy Mission Statement

Starion Energy is about energizing your life your way. They strengthen and empower customers and the communities they provide energy for. Starion Energy looks to be a life partner, an option to traditional retail suppliers where they created their business model understanding challenges customers face in this industry, and with challenges and goals in homes and businesses. They go the extra mile, because what matters most is powering your home & business and empowering you.


Duane Gereski, Marketing Director at Starion Energy says, "Starion Energy is more than a company that simply offers energy…the mission for each of us, through our jobs and daily responsibilities, is to convert our positive energy and use our knowledge to power the lives of people, communities, and businesses.  We all help impact our customers’ lives and make Starion Energy the go-to long-term energy partner."    


Starion Energy is 10 years old but they are still constantly growing and evolving as customer needs and the market shifts; they plan to spend the next 10 years plus spreading freedom, choice, and customizable offers to homes and businesses while energizing the lives of everyone of their customers! 



Starion Energy is an independent US retail supplier, based in Middlebury CT, with operations in Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, loyal to everyday hard-working families, local businesses, and the small communities which they strengthen and empower. Starion secures the path towards smarter, cleaner energy choices. Their agile working style, resources, and seasoned energy leaders is how they can match people’s changing lives with easy plans that yield results. It is their honest top performing personal service and the genuine positivity of their people that impact customer’s lives and make them the go-to long-term energy partner.