Seven Simple Strategies For Making Your Pool More Energy Efficient

With hot summer weather descending over most of the country, you’re probably feeling pretty grateful if you have a pool. But that feeling may be diminished every time you open up a bill from the electric company. The good news is that there are many energy solutions that can help you to reduce your pool’s energy usage and keep your electric company bills under control. Here are seven simple strategies for energy savings when it comes to your pool:


Get a Pool Cover

You might think that a pool cover only matters in the cooler months when you’re heating your pool (just as water heating is an expense inside your home, accounting for between 14% and 18% of your utility bills, heating water for the pool can be very expensive). But in addition to regulating temperature, pool covers help to reduce evaporation; because of all the energy that goes into cleaning and treating water, having to constantly top up your pool actually uses quite a bit of energy.


Install a Windbreak

Wind blowing over the surface of your pool can be a major cause of both evaporation and heat loss. By installing a fence that also provides a windbreak (either with screens between the posts or taller landscaping), you’ll achieve both safety and energy efficiency goals.


Schedule Your Pump

One of the easiest ways to see an energy reduction with your pool is to schedule your pump to make sure it runs for only as long as it needs. The amount of time will depend on the size of your pool, but the goal is to have all the water circulate once and only once daily.


Use LED Lighting

Make sure all the lighting in and around your pool uses LED bulbs. These last many times longer and draw far less electrical energy than traditional or CFL bulbs.


Turn Down the Temp

You know how you can save around 10% on heating and cooling costs in your house using a programmable thermostat? That goes for the pool, too. Make sure your pool temperature is set lower when you’re not using it so that the heater doesn’t work overtime.


Skim Regularly

The less debris that makes it to the filter, the less likely your filters are to get clogged and lower the efficiency of your system. Try to skim daily (and keep in mind that a cover will also keep leaves and dirt out of the pool).


Buy the Right Tech

Sometimes, energy efficiency simply comes down to newer, better technology. Having a high-efficiency pool pump can lead to savings you’ll notice on every single electric company bill, winter or summer.


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