Saving Energy and Helping the Environment

Among the rent or mortgage payments, the exorbitant cost of food, medical, gas, car insurance, and water bills, the monthly energy bill can really get you down, especially during the winter. If you are an average American living in an average household, chances are that your monthly electric bill will cost around $107. 

The worst part is that it may seem like there is no room to cut back in this area. However, you are incorrect. There are many ways to seriously cut back on energy bills, and there is an added bonus. The less energy you use in your house, the less fossil fuels will be burned, and the better for the Earth. 
Here are a couple of easy strategies to do something good for your pocketbook and the environment: 

1. Switch to energy efficient light bulbs 
You'll be surprised how fast you make you money back after this initial investment, especially because you'll have to replace the bulbs much less regularly than regular ones. 

2. Talk to alternative electricity suppliers 
Alternative electric suppliers and energy companies try to get their energy not from the burning of fossil fuels but from things like geothermal, wind, and water power. This can help drive down prices, since they are renewable resources, and is very good for the environment. 

3. Use Your Programmable Thermostat 
You can save 10% per year on heating and cooling costs by investing in or properly using a programmable thermostat. This way, the system won't be working while your not there -- and you can program it to kick start automatically an hour before you come home, so its cozy and warm by the time you open the door 
Another great option is to install smart meters in your home. These devices measure the amount of energy used in a week so you can better keep track of your energy budget. Power companies and renewable energy companies have so far installed 50 million meters at homes across the U.S. -- that's 43% of homes overall! 

From alternative energy companies and alternative electricity suppliers for your home to small household applications like light bulbs, you can reduce your bill and footprint at the same time!

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