We are always looking for ways to conserve energy and lower utility costs in our homes. Between computers, lighting, appliances, charging units, pools, hot water heaters, and heating & air conditioning units homes can require a high amount of energy to function. This can sometimes lead to steep energy bills from the electric company and a significant environmental footprint. Energy saving technology and techniques can certainly help curb the impact, helping to lead to a less expensive, greener, and more energy efficient home. However, if you start following these simple tips in your home you can immediately start saving energy and lower those electric bills.


Easy Energy Saving Ideas For Your Home

1.    Switch your refrigerator’s power saver to "ON," if available

2.    Set the refrigerator temperature to 34-37 degrees and freezer temperature to 0-5 degrees

3.    Unplug unused refrigerators or freezers

4.   Use Pan covers when cooking on the stove

5.   If you are heating water, don’t start with hot water from tap; start with cold water

6.   Remember to use the kitchen exhaust fan when cooking  

7.   Rinse dirty dishes with cold water before putting them into the dishwasher

8.   Only run dishwasher when it's fully loaded

9.   Replace light bulbs with fluorescent bulbs

10. Use outdoor security lights with a photocell and/or a motion sensor

11. Set thermostats to 76° in summer, 68° in winter

12. Run ceiling paddle fans on low or medium and ensure they are blowing down in summer and blowing upwards in winter

13. Change heating and cooling unit  filters at least quarterly and make sure they are facing in the correct direction (Replace window filters more frequently)

14. When heating or cooling, keep windows locked because they seal better

15. Close fireplace damper when not burning a fire

16. Close shades and drapes during day to help keep heat out during summer and cold out in the winter

17. Ensure attic access door closes tightly and that the attic door is insulated

18. Do not close off unused rooms that are air conditioned/heated  by forced-air systems

19. Do not close air registers/vents and ensure that they are not blocked by furniture, drapes  or rugs

20. Ensure return air grilles are not blocked by furniture, drapes, or rugs

21. Ensure windows and doors are properly weather-stripped

22. Minimize use of electric space heaters as they cost $0.10 to $0.15 per hour to operate

23. When you use the fireplace, reduce heat loss by opening damper in the bottom of the firebox (if provided) or open the nearest window slightly

24. Ensure your outdoor  air conditioning unit’s coils are kept clean and free of debris

25. Keep your garage door down. A warmer garage in the winter and cooler garage in the summer will save energy

26. Set water heater temperature no higher than 120° F

27. Limit shower length to 10 minutes or less and use low-flow shower heads

28. Wash clothes in cold water and try to only wash full loads

29. Don’t let water run while you are shaving or brushing  teeth

30. Clean dryer lint trap before each load and ensure the outdoor dryer exhaust door closes when unit  is off

31. Turn computers and monitors off when not used

32. Turn large-screen TV’s and cable boxes off completely when not in use

33. Turn off pool pump and/or heater when not needed or on vacation

34. Turn chargers off and ensure they are not connected to the wall outlet when not being used

35. Ensure all new appliances you purchase are Energy Star-approved

By making small changes to the way your home consumes energy, you may notice lower electric bills overall. Being mindful of your energy use will lead to a more energy efficient home.



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