Our country's energy suppliers produce an unprecedented amount of electricity. In the mid-1990s, electricity was affordable at 7.1 cents per kilowatt hour in 1995; by that year the price to actually generate the electricity from the power companies was two-thirds the price of what the homeowner would pay for electricity. In 2013, United States energy use was over 13 times greater than the energy use of 1950. Moreover, the current cost to generate electricity amounts to less than half of the price of electricity according to the Edison Electric Institute. Cutting down on your electric bill is possible by following these steps to cut costs and find alternative electricity for your home.

Regulate Heat Year-Round 
Most wasted energy is due to heat or air conditioning that runs while no one is home. By installing a programmable thermostat, you can set your heater or air conditioner to run only during the hours that people are home. In total, this can help homeowners save as much as 10% per year on their heating and cooling bills.

Warm Bathing Water 
Studies have shown that most Americans dedicate up to 18% of their utility bills to water heating. New, tankless water heaters are able to store a greater reservoir of hot water while helping to eliminate costs, thus helping homeowners save hundreds on their hot water every year.

Energy-Saving Appliances 
Many Americans have joined a growing movement to find more economically friendly, low-energy alternatives to traditional appliances. The refrigerators of today use three-quarters less energy than the average refrigerator sold in 1975; this is even despite the fact that today's refrigerators are 20% larger and cost 60% less.

Alternative Electricity for Your Home 
Many homeowners are searching for more affordable alternative electricity companies in order to save on their monthly bills. Many of these companies take extra precautions to ensure that your home is using energy at a moderate rate relative to the size of your household. Already, these alternative energy companies have installed 50 million smart meters to regulate nearly 43% of homes in the United States.

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