Corporations Going Green To Help The Planet

According to an article by Forbes, corporations are increasing their investments on renewable energy sources and the benefits are mostly going to small, rural communities. Despite the government continuing to heavily rely on fossil fuels, many governors and corporate America, in general, are looking towards the future, towards sustainable energy.

The cost of investing in green energy, such as wind and solar power, has decreased incredibly, leading to an uptick in businesses using them instead of fossil fuels. This not only is incredibly beneficial to their businesses but, according to Forbes, the ones really profiting are rural communities.

To just give a few examples, it has been stated that around 70% of the United States' wind farms are located in low-income areas, with wind energy companies employing 100,000 workers across the U.S. last year.
Solar energy has seen its fair share of positives around the country as well. It's estimated that around 75 billion oil barrels are being saved each year by solar energy users. And solar energy companies have employed double the number of people that wind energy companies have over this past year.

More big businesses are getting into energy conservation each day. Places like Walmart and GM, two giants in the world of industry, are actively searching for ways to reduce their emissions and invest in safer ways to find their energy. It is an encouraging sign to see big businesses begin to take responsibility for the future of energy across the nation.

Going forward, we can only hope this sets precedents for an ongoing forward momentum for research into energy conservation for the whole nation. We hope to see big businesses continue to invest more in renewable and safe energy choices in our country and around the world.