Starion Energy supports the competitive retail energy industry and the associated benefits of choice. Educated consumers are our best customers. Please find a few tips to help choose an energy supply company that services your state.


1.  Know Your Current Supplier and Offer Details

     In order for energy suppliers to plan for your supply needs, they’ll need to know specific information about your current supplier so you may prefer to have a bill handy. 

2.    Find a Supplier You Are Comfortable With

     Research your suppliers to ensure the company meets your preferences in regards to energy options, terms, green choices, and added value- like Reward programs or gift card offer or partnerships with local and/or national charities.

3.    Does the Supplier Have An Environmental Friendly Offer

     Ask if the company supplies green power? Some suppliers sell environmentally friendly energy from wind, solar, or hydropower plants. This option may cost more than energy from traditional power sources but might me better options for our environment.

4.    Ask Questions


ü What is the price?

ü Is the price fixed or variable?

ü Does the price include other one time or monthly fees?

   Terms and Conditions

ü What are the terms and conditions of the agreement?

ü Will these be provided in writing?

ü How long is the agreement?

   Customer Service

ü Where is Customer Service located, is it within the United States?

ü What are the office hours?/ How do I contact CS?

ü What is their Better Business Bureau rating?

   Green Energy

ü Are environmentally friendly generation sources like solar, wind, or hydro power available?

Remember, you have the right to choose the energy plan that matches your lifestyle and needs.  There are many good options available so take the time to find the best all-around energy offer for you.