Become More Energy Efficient and Reduce Your Environmental Footprint

Between computers, data centers, lighting, appliances, heating and air conditioning, businesses require a high amount of energy to function. This can lead to steep energy bills from the electric company and a significant environmental footprint. Energy saving technology and techniques can curb this cost, leading to a greener, more energy efficient home and workplace. Follow these simple tips to save energy in your business and home.

Schedule an energy audit. An assessment of your current energy consumption is a great place to start, as it will point to your specific problem areas. Depending on the nature of your business, you might only need to update specific aspects of your space to be more efficient. Be sure to take the energy professional's advice seriously.

Use natural light. By installing skylights and windows, you can rely on sunlight rather than electricity to light your office or commercial space. Reducing energy costs and consumption, natural light will also create a more pleasant working and living environment.

Control air leaks. If you have skylights and windows, be sure to check them for air leaks. You might find that inefficient seals are causing you to waste heating and air conditioning energy. Basic window repair and inspection can keep as much air inside of your home/building as possible.

Switch to solar energy. In addition to providing natural light, the sun is also a great renewable energy source. By installing solar panels, your home and business can cut down on energy costs significantly. This will make the initial investment worth it.

Install energy efficient appliances. By switching to energy star rated appliances, your home and business' savings will add up over time. Consider switching your traditional light bulbs for halogen incandescent bulbs, as these can reduce energy use by a third to 80%. When making the choices about which appliances to install, be sure to keep your energy audit in mind.

By making small changes to the way your home and business consumes energy, you will notice lower electric bills overall. Being mindful of your energy use will lead to a more energy efficient home and workplace.

About Starion Energy 

Starion is a licensed electricity and gas supplier in the deregulated energy market since September 2009.  Energy deregulation gives consumers the choice of an alternative electric supplier and determines the rates and terms at which they purchase electric generation services.  Starion services markets in Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.  Starion is strategically positioned for continued growth in new markets for years to come.