America Could Rely on 80% Alternative Electricity Sources by 2050, New Research Shows

The United States will be able to generate 80% of its power from renewable sources by 2050, Climate Central reported Nov 25.

The simple model of electricity distribution in which a plant feeds a utility company that then distributes power to customers has been widened by energy deregulation in a number of states (allowing consumers to choose their electricity supplier from a number of companies and still have power delivered by the local utility company).

Doug Arent, Executive Director of the Joint Institute for Strategic Energy Analysis, says that the establishment of small renewable energy generators powering only one building or a cluster of buildings will even further challenge the dominance of major electric suppliers.

As home and business owners set up solar panels or mini turbines, “many people will feed power back into the grid, a two-way system that changes the energy landscape dramatically,” Magill explained.

“Everybody in the energy community should continue to try to provide service options to consumers while keeping the health of the planet as a priority in this rapidly changing energy market,” says Duane Gereski, Director of Marketing at Starion Energy.

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