There's been a lot of talk lately about green energy and renewable energy options. While most of it may seem out of reach, the truth is that there are renewable energy options for every home.
Have you ever considered making your home a more sustainable, clean place to live? The renewable energy sources below will take you to a level far beyond installing a programmable thermostat and saving a mere 10% on cooling and heating costs.

Solar Roofing Panels
This might be one of the most obvious choices, but its benefits are practically endless. It's worth mentioning as one of the most easily accessible renewable energy sources out there, too! Depending on your roof and the orientation of your panels, it's possible to generate more than 10 watts per square foot of coverage. And solar power doesn't just mean electricity, either. In fact, you have the option of using solar power for household things like heating water and powering your air conditioning, as well. Bid your traditional electricity supplier goodbye!

Wind Turbines
Wind turbines are most typically found offshore or on large, empty plots of land, but nobody said you had to have a mammoth wind turbine in your backyard. In fact, any wind turbine powering your home would need to be scaled down to fit on your property. One of the biggest advantages here is that wind power is a bit more reliable than solar power in most cases. Where the sun may hide behind a cloud, it's a rare day that's without a good breeze.

Hydro Power
If your property houses a stream or any kind of running water, you're in luck. It may not be Niagara Falls, but a micro hydro power system can make powering your home an environmentally friendly breeze. Even a small stream can help you generate power at a price point that's lower than both solar and wind.

If you're looking to get involved in a cleaner, greener lifestyle, these renewable energy sources are excellent places to start. Who knows what other renewable energy tools may become available in the future? It's best to get started now.

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