Starion Energy is about energizing your life your way. Starion strengthens and empowers you and the communities we provide energy for. We look to be your life partner, an option to traditional retail suppliers where we created our business model understanding challenges you face in this industry, challenges and goals in the home or business and with your family & loved ones.

We are agile and entrepreneurial and work as a partner, always matching your ever growing and changing life by creating easy, affordable plans that yield amazing results and enrich your world with benefits beyond electricity such as our Starion Rewards and bonuses.  We go the extra mile, because what matters most is powering your home and empowering you.

We are constantly growing and evolving as your needs and the market shifts, to expand, as energy choice grows, spreading freedom, choice, and customizable offers for your business or home

Starion Energy is also a proud member of the Retail Energy Supply Association (RESA). RESA advocates for vibrant and sustainable competitive retail energy markets as a better alternative for consumers than monopoly-protected utility regulation. You can find out more about RESA’s principles here.

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