It all starts
with trust

We convert our positive energy and use our knowledge to power the lives of people, communities, and businesses who have put their trust in us.

Empower you to enrich your life and others

We empower and protect the unique dreams, and goals, by understanding the challenges that face you, your home and businesses today...

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Bring lasting positive energy

Starion Cares was created to partner with you and collectively be a positive force in the world...

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Partnership where you lead and we listen & contribute

Our partnership starts with you and your constantly evolving daily needs...

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What our customers are saying

Tony C

I’ve been with Starion for a while now, and the Customer Service Team is polite and their Rewards program is the best. I have yet to find any other company that matches the value that Starion provides.

Amanda J.

Starion Energy offers great rates in CT and makes switching easy.

Michelle W

Starion not only has a great fixed supplier rate for 12 months with no enrollment fee, no monthly fees, no early termination fees, PLUS I received a $25 Amazon Gift card for enrolling! Starion also offers rewards deals on local dining, various clothing brands to name a few. Nice to have a supplier offer a good fixed rate and reward you for being a customer!

4.7 out of 5 - 215+ Google reviews